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Why Choose Our Resistive Touch Panel PC?


When you need an efficient and reliable touchscreen computer solution, our Resistive Touch Panel PC is your ideal choice. As a leading technology company, we offer outstanding performance and durability to meet your diverse business and industrial needs.

Exceptional Touchscreen Technology: Our Resistive Touch Panel PC is equipped with advanced touchscreen technology that accurately captures user input, whether it’s with a finger or a stylus. This provides you with an exceptional user experience and ease of operation.

Reliability: Our touchscreen computers undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure stable operation in various environments. Whether it’s in a factory, a medical facility, or a retail store, our products are up to the task.

Various Sizes and Configurations: We offer multiple size and configuration options to meet different application requirements. Whether you need a compact embedded computer or a large-screen information display terminal, we can provide a suitable solution.

Custom Performance: We understand that every customer’s needs are unique. Therefore, we can customize our Resistive Touch Panel PC to your specific requirements, ensuring it fully meets your expectations.


Industrial Panel PC

Application Areas:

Our Resistive Touch Panel PC is suitable for various application areas, including but not limited to:

Manufacturing: Use our computers on production lines to improve efficiency and monitor the manufacturing process.

Healthcare: In hospitals and clinics, they’re used for electronic medical record management, patient information recording, and image viewing.

Retail: Used for POS systems, self-service terminals, and digital signage to enhance the customer experience.

Industrial Panel PC Application
Industrial Touch Panel PC Application
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