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INCTEL Customization Services

Customized Boards

The motherboard can be customized according to the customer's needs, required size, performance, whether there is a fan, CPU, etc.

Embedded Computers

INCTEL offers a wide range of fanless embedded computers of all size and features.

Network Security

Industrial grade Panel PCs and Displays offered by Partaker can also be customized or built from the ground up offering waterproof, scratchproof and rugged panels of different sizes and features.

Share Point

We can customize the soft routing according to customer requirements; size, CPU, interface, appearance, PVC, LOGO, etc., can all be customized.

Digital Signage

INCTEL'S small and sleek digital signage platforms can be customized according to video storage and display requirements.

Rugged Systems

INCTEL- well known for its rugged fanless computers, panel PCs and firewalls - provides many OEMs with customized systems that require advanced features and high reliability.


Yes, we have more than 12+ years of R&D and manufacturing experience.

Yes, we can brush your LOGO in BIOS for free, but you need to provide us your LOGO picture: tif & ai format

Yes, all of our products can work 7 days 24 hours

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