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Inctel Technology Co.,Ltd (hereafter referred as “Inctel”,) Registered in HK and Mainland China, Partaker is our Brand Registered in USA ,has been a High-Tech Enterprises Engaged in the field of Mini PC, Industrial Computer,Industrial Touch Panel PC, Firewall Appliance, Embedded Computers, Multi-Network-Port Network Security Servers, Since 2012. It headquartered in Shenzhen, Where it is known as “The Smart Manufacturing City”.We have Subsidiaries Distributed in Beijing and Wuhan, as well as many joint Partners in other Countries, such as USA, Italy, Germany, Canada, Nigeria, and India etc.


INCTEL is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fanless mini PC solutions for various applications, such as industrial control, digital signage, office, education, entertainment, and more. INCTEL’s fanless mini PC products are designed with advanced technology, such as Intel processors, DDR4 memory, M.2 SSD, Gigabit LAN, HDMI/DP ports, USB3.0 ports, and more. INCTEL’s fanless mini PC products are also equipped with aluminum alloy cases, heat sink fins, and passive cooling systems, which ensure reliable performance and long lifespan without any noise or dust.


INCTEL’s fanless mini PC products are compatible with Windows 10, Linux, pfSense, and other operating systems. You can easily install them on your desktop or mount them on the wall or behind the monitor with the VESA bracket. INCTEL’s fanless mini PC products are also certified by CE, FCC, and ROHS standards, which guarantee quality and safety.

If you are interested in INCTEL’s fanless mini PC products, you can visit their website [here] to learn more about their features, specifications, prices, and customer reviews. You can also contact them [here] to get a quote or place an order. INCTEL is committed to providing you with the best fanless mini PC solutions for your needs.

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