N5095 Mini ITX Mainboard Intel Celeron CPU

  • High-Speed DDR4 Support up to 2933MHz
  • Versatile Display Options VGA, HD Output, LVDS, EDP
  • Gigabit NIC with Wake-on-LAN & PXE Support
  • Diverse Storage Options with SATA3.0 & M.2 slots
  • Hi-fi Audio with Power Amplifier Recommendation
  • Expandability with Multiple M.2 slots
  • Integrated RS232 Serial Interfaces for Connectivity
  • Versatile BIOS with Hardware Reset Function
  • Compatibility with Windows and Linux OS

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The ITX-B509_J116L VER:1.0(N5095) motherboard features an Intel® Celeron N5095A processor, supporting up to 16GB DDR4 memory, with versatile connectivity options like VGA, HD OUTPUT, LVDS, EDP interfaces, and Gigabit Ethernet. It offers multiple storage options, hi-fi audio support, expansion slots for SSD and wireless modules, rich I/O ports, and temperature resilience. This mini ITX board suits diverse industrial needs, ensuring high performance and connectivity in a compact 170mm*170mm form factor.




Product model ITX-B509_J116L VER:1.0(N5095)
processor Integrated Intel®Celeron N5095A 2.0GHz quad-core quad-thread processor,TDP 15W, Compatible with the full range of Intel® Jasper Lake cpus, can flexibly choose
chipset SOC
Internal memory 1* SODIMM slot for supporting 2933MHz DDR4 memory (up to 16GB)
display Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics core graphics card
1* VGA,1*HD OUTPUT,1* LVDS,1* EDP, Note:LVDS and EDP interfaces are optional
network 1* RTL8111H Gigabit NIC, supports network wake up and PXE functions
deposit 1* 7pin SATA3.0 hard disk interface, transmission rate up to 6Gbps
1 x M.2 slot, supporting the M.2 Key M 2260/2280 PCIE X2 SSD
1* MSATA slot, support Intel protocol SSD, transfer rate up to 6Gbps
Tone frequency Onboard ALC897 7.1+2 channel hi-fi audio controller with MIC/Line-out support. Power amplifier
The power amplifier is recommended to use a 4Ω3W speaker
Expansion slot 1 x M.2 slot, supporting the M.2 Key B 2242/2252 5G module
1* M.2 slot, supporting the M.2 Key E 2230 WIFI module
NOTE: The Bluetooth function of M.2 is either F_USB2 or F_USB2. The default value is F_USB2
I/O ports on the backplane 1* DC 12V power input port
1 x VGA display port
1* HD OUTPUT display interface
2 x USB3.0 port,2 x USB2.0 port
1* RJ45 Gigabit network port
1* Line-out (green), 1*MICK(red)
Built-in I/O interface 1* DC power interface, 1*4pin support 12V power input and output
1* JVGA port 1*12pin, same signal as DB15
1* J_HD OUTPUT interface, 2*8pin, the same signal as HD OUTPUT
1* LVDS interface, 2*15pin, support dual channel 24BIT,
1* EDP interface, 2*15pin, and LVDS is one of two options, default LVDS
1* screen backlight power supply interface 1*6pin
4* USB2.0 interface, 2*5pin
6* RS232 serial interface,COM2/COM3 support RS485/422 function,
1* hard drive power port 1*4pin
1 Front audio interface 2*5pin
1* power amplifier interface 1*4pin
1* LPT interface 2*13pin
1* SIM card slot
1* Front panel function button and indicator port 2*5pin
Fan interface 1*4pin CPU intelligent fan interface,1*4pin system fan interface
GPIO Support 4 input/output GPIO(optional with PS/2)
BIOS 256Mb Flash ROM
Guard dog Support hardware reset function (256 level, 0~255 seconds)
Operating system Windows 10/Windows 11/Linux
Power supply type Adopts DC 12V power supply
Operating temperature -10℃ to 60℃
Storage temperature -20℃ to 70℃
Working humidity 5%-95% relative humidity, no condensation
Dimension 170mm * 170mm

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Model Processor Frequency Memory VGA LVDS HDMI LAN EDP USB RS485/422 COM Power
ITX-B509_J116L VER:1.0(N5095) N5095 2.0G 1*SODDR4




2*8111H 1 8 COM2/COM3 6 DC 12V
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