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Taste The Fine Art Mini PC by Partaker

R1 Pro Zero Client Linux3.4 Quad Core 2.0GHz Thin Client RDP8.0PC Station Computing Cloud Terminal Virtual Computer 8G Flash

Model Number: R1 Pro
HD-MI output: 1280*720/1920*1024
Video: Full Screen 1080P Video
Protocol: HVDP/RDP8.1/Remote FX
Video: Full Screen 1080P Video
Flash: 8GB

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Vnopn Professional verson

R+ Browsing Website Super

R+ Local Video Play Super

R+ Excel/PPT/Word Operating Speed  Super

R+ Video Play online  1920*1080p

Photoshop/AutoCAD: Good

Other functions

USB redirection: Support various USB Peripherals

Video Rediction: less load on server side when play video, video decode on client side

*Remote Log in/off

*Terminal Setting

*System Setting

*Remote Monitor Users

*File Transfer(From Server to User)

*Disable USB Peripheral

*Internal Chat


*Lock Screen


*Hand Up

*Domain login

*Public & Private Disk Setup

*Multiple Servers Managment

*Support LINUX & Windows server

Please Note: It's a thin client, it can not be used alone as a mini PC.


After you receive R1 Pro thin client, please read our user manual first, and install our management software as the manual said (please leave your email when you place the order or contact us, we will send the software to you.)




R1 Pro Specification

Operating System

Embedded Linux3.4

Software Included

Central Management Software Pro Version(Hmanager)

Configuration Methods

Host side & Client side

Audio Support

Hq16 bits, 44.1khz/48khz, input and output through 3.5mm jacks

Video Support

Full HD 1080P for all media formats

Player Support

Media Player Recommended

USB Devices Support

Removable Hard Drive/USB/ hubs/Printer/Office&POS Scanners



Net weight



Matte black(orange switch)


1*HDMI + 1*VGA + 3*USB 2.0 + 1*RJ45 + 1*3.5mm audio input + 1*3.5mm audio output + 1*5V DC


1*Power swichffice & POS Scanners

Anti-thief Gadget


Power Consumption

Standby: 0.2W/working:5W(independent of external USB devices)

Display Support



VGA_1024*768 VGA_1366*768 VGA_1440*900 VGA_1600*900 VGA_1280*1024

VGA_HDMI_1280*720 VGA_HDMI_1920*1024


Optional internal WIFI at additional cost: 802.11b/g/n

Maximum Number

Unlimited. Actual number of supported users depends on the host configurtion, operating system limit and the type of applications used.

Internal Hardware

All solid-state design/No moving parts/No fans/No local user storage

Data Security

No local data storage on device. USB data access conbtrolled by user policy.


>100,000 hours


0 to 40 degrees Celsius 10 to 85% relative humidity(non-condensing)

No moving parts permits use in high dust/particulate/vibration environments.


FCC/CE/CCC/RoHS compliant/BIS/ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015/China CECP


R1 pro only supports some USB port printers. Technicians have tested the following model of printers: HP LaserJet P1108, Lenovo M7216, HP M1005 MFP, Epson TM-T8, Epson L395 are supported; Espon LX-350 are not supported.




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