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Since our product launch conference, Partaker Computer's Mini PCs, mini PC barebone and mini motherboard have become popular among customers, and have been applied as office PC, HTPC and IPC(Industrial PC) in various fields because of their mini size, exquisite design, low power and silent operation. Based on more than 5 years experience in computer and motherboard, Partaker Computer solved the thermal problem of mini PC perfectly from small PC size and fanless , and we are capable and qualified enough to offer OEM service, and make an pavement for the mini PC to enter into traditional PC market. Up to now, our customer also have come up with many queries, advice and suggestion about our fanless and fan mini PC, here collect and sort out some regular queries and solution for our future MINI PC customers reference.

1. What is Barebone?

Generally barebone means computer chassis with mainboard. If you want to build a complete computer, you need to other configuration, like monitor, memory, SSD or HDD, keyboard, mouse and so on.

2. What does Baytrail mean?

Baytrail is the SOC R&D code of Intel's 4th generation CPU, belonging to low power consumption series (Haswell belong to mid and high end series);

Baytrail got following 3 series : Baytrail-D, Baytrail-M, Baytrail-T;

Baytrail-D are used for primary desktop and all-in-one, including models like Pentium J2900,Celeron J1900 and J1800 etc;

Batrial-M are used for primary notebook and touch screen notebook, including model like Pentium N3150, Celeron N2910 and N2810 etc;

Batrail-T are used for tablet and thin notebook, including models like Atom3735 and Atom3740 etc;

3. What kind of RAM available, what’s the effect about performance to use 1.35V or 1.5V RAM, any difference ?

At present, our i3 5005U,i5 5200U, i5 5257U, i7 4500U, i5 4258U i7 5500U is only available for 1.35V DDR3L,

1037U Series with 1.5V RAM.

Remark: For the motherboard with remark stating : DDR3L 1.35V only, could not boot it to install DDR3L 1.5V, if no special remark on the board, then available for both DDR3L 1.35V and DDR3 1.5V.

4. How about the transfer from HDMI to VGA, whether the signal could be received, whether the signal is steady?

HDMI output by digital signal, while VGA by analog signal, and the monitor was input by analog signal, so if transferred by through HDMI, there would some losses on the frame for twice analog signal transfer.Besides incompatible and unsteady factors exist, because the difference in signal should be handled by analog signal.

4. There are 2 DIMM slot on the some motherboard, if I only install a piece of RAM, which slot should I use?

For most motherboard with 2 DIMM slot, it doesn’t matter which one slot you use,while suggest to use DIMM 0 slot; As for the J1900 series motherboard , have got to insert RAM on DIMM 0 slot.

5. What is ITX Mainboard?

VIA came up with the idea of MinI ITX and think it can be the standard resolution of Mini PC in the future. The stardard size of Mini ITX Mainboard is 170mm*170mm (6.75inch*6.75inch). Mini ITX Mainboard is desiged to be used as small computer that can have low consumption and save space. So it can fit it car, set top box, HTPC, thin client and so on.