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How to solve Regular questions ?


Q: Alarm sound

A: Short beep once

Q: Booting normally Short beep twice

A: Regular error,need to enter CMOS and change settings

Q: Long beep once + Short beep once

A: Memory or motherboard error

Q: Short beep once + long beep twice

A: Keyboard controller error

Q: Short beep once + long beep three times

A: Graphics or monitor error

Q: Long beep once + short beep nine times

A: Motherboard BIOS damage

Q: Steady long beep

A: Memory error

Q: Steady short beep

A: Power/monitor/Graphics disconnect

Q: Repeat short beeps

A: Power supply error

Q: Mini PC cannot boot, and with steady beep sound.

A: Re-plug memory

Q: Mini pc shutdown suddenly when it is being used normally. And it cannot reboot by pressing power button, nothing show on screen, but indicator light on.

A: Re-plug memory to try. If  still unsolved, discharge CMOS, then restart Mini PC.

Q: When start a Mini pc that is unused for a period of time, nothing show on screen, and with constant bee-bee-bee sounds

A: Please check whether the memory is disconnected or contacted well. If yes but still solved, check whether capacitor burst. If no please replace CMOS battery.