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Taste the election office Partaker

Partaker R16 Winbox Mikrotik With 10 Gigabit SFP 8 Ports 6 Ethernet 2 SFP Intel B85 1U Cabinet Type10 Gigabit SFP Optical B85 8 Ports (6 Ethernet+ 2 optical ports)

1.CPU:CPU Optional (Can Buy From US)
2.Chipeset:Intel B85 Express Chipset, With One Set BYPASS
3.Memory:2* SO DDR3,1333MHz, N/A GB
5.Ethernet:6* Intel 82574L Gigabit Ethernet, 2* 10 Gigabit Intel 82599ES Optical Ports

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EAN Model Catalog Spec. Description More Details
602464480130 R16
B85 8 Ports

(6 Ethernet+ 2

optical ports Type 7


LGA1150 Supported CPU Listing

G1820, G1840, G3260, G3460, G3250, G3258,

I3 4130, I3 4430, i3 4160, i3 4370, i3 4150,

I5 4430, i5 4570T, i5 4590, i5 4460,

I5 4690K, i5 4670K,

I7 4770T, i7 4770, i7 4765T, I7 4790,

I7 4790K, i7 4770K,

E3-1230 V3

CPU will Ship randomly per stock

Standard 1U Type43*27*5CM),180W

Big Power,Can Rack,With Mounting

Bracket Ears,

Wall Hanging,Foot Pad

Chipeset Intel B85 Express Chipset, With One Set BYPASS
Memory 2* SO DDR3,1333MHz, N/A GB

6* Intel 82574L Gigabit Ethernet

2* 10 Gigabit Intel 82599ES Optical Ports

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